Loweswater Terrace

This route takes you along the terrace path above Loweswater returning with a gentle stroll back along the lakeshore. You can do the walk either way round. However, this way round means you get the climb out of the way at the start of the walk giving you the chance to linger awhile by the lake on the return.

  • Distance - 5.5 miles
  • Time - 2.5 - 3 hours
  • Starting point and parking - roadside parking in lay-by just beyond the NW end of Loweswater at GR 118225
  • Feedback - Contact Keswick Tourism Association email [email protected]

1. At the end of the roadside parking (away from the lake) turn left through a gate signposted Holme Wood. Drop down to a second gate and then cross a stream via a gated bridge. Keep forward to go through a gate and turn left up the lane. Continue uphill for 300m. Just before a farmhouse turn right through a gate onto a public bridleway signposted Fangs Brow.

2. Keeping to the left side of the field to a gate in the top left hand corner. Turn right and shortly head through a gate or over a stile and follow the stony path uphill. The path levels out and then goes through a gate. Head diagonally up the field to another gate. Go through the gate and follow the track bearing left as you pass Jenkinsons Place.

3. After approximately 250m turn left off the farm drive up a stony bridleway. Shortly go through a gate. Views open up to your right to the estuary the Solway Firth and accross to the Scottish hills of Dumfries and Galloway. Continue up a grassy path. Go through two wooden gates and turn left signposted High Nook.

4. Continue uphill to a metal gate. Keep forward to a wooden gate and continue on the path which curves to the right and heads up to a metal gate. Keep uphill to a wooden gate or ladder stile. Take the left path which heads downhill overlooking first Loweswater and then Crummock Water comes into view. The path undulates to a bench, a great place to stop for a picnic or photo stop.

5. Keep to the same path which soon heads down to cross Holme Beck and then takes you back up to pass alongside a wall above Holme Wood plantation. Go through a gate and continue along the same path. At the end of the plantation the path drops down presently crossing High Nook beck before looping back on itself above the opposite bank of the beck. Go through a gate. The path drops down to pass through a farmyard.

6. Just after the farm cross a bridge and continue downhill for 500m. Go over a second bridge and immediately turn left on a road passing a small car park. Go over the cattle grid and keep to the same path which brings you to the shores of Loweswater.Just before Watergate Farm bear right to a gate to follow the wooded shoreline path. A little further on after a bridge over a stream take the right hand fork in the path. There is a lovely place to stop for a while just by the National Trust bothy with exquisite views over Loweswater, a bench and rope swings.

7. Continue along the shoreline path, a little further along just before a wooden bridge is another bench by the lake shore. Shortly the path leaves the shoreline and meets another. Turn right here and shortly follow the path through a gate. The path rises to another gate and then passes in front of the farmhouse at Hudson's Place. Drop down the road. At the bottom go through a gate on your right and retrace your steps to the start.

Download pdf - Loweswater Terrace walking route

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