Parking in Keswick

The Lake District National Park is currently monitoring the status of car parks and toilets. You can view the information here. Please see town map for locations of car parks.

Locally Operated Keswick Car Parks

As well as car parks run by Cumberland Council there are also locally operated car parks run by Fitz Park Trust, Keswick Football Club and Keswick Rugby Club.

  • Keswick Rugby Club Car Park, Crow Park Road (what3words ///gilding.rarely.hairspray) - £5 all day and includes overnight parking* to 9am CA12 5EG  *No overnight parking for campervans/mobile homes 
  • Crosthwaite Road Car Park (Fitz Park Trust), (what3words ///forgiving.wedge.price) capacity 80, (access on foot into town via Fitz Park), no overnight stays - £4 all day for cars, £8 for camper vans CA12 5PP. No overnight parking from 23:59 - 06:00. Payment through RingGo.
  • Keswick Football Club, (what3words ///await.novelist.irony) £3 all day.

Park and Sail at Keswick Rugby Club

Park at Keswick Rugby Club, Crow Park Road where you will find 200 parking spaces. Park for the day for £5 and receive a Keswick Launch discount voucher. The voucher when presented at the Launch ticket office gives a 15% discount off the launch services that day for the driver and up to a maximum of 4 of their passengers.

Keswick Leisure Centre (start of Keswick-Threlkeld Trail)

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Partly Keswick Hotel - 1 hour - £1, 2 hours - £2, up to 8 hours £4.

Partly Keswick Leisure Centre. 

Rawnsley Centre Car Park

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1 hour - £1, 2 hours - £3, 4 hours - £6, All day - £10 No overnight parking from 23.59 - 06:00

Pencil Museum Car Park 

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1 hour - £1, 2 hours - £2.50, 3 hours - £3, 4 hours - £5, All day - £8, 24 hours - £10 (ends at midnight) 24 hours to park over night (past midnight) - £18

Payment for the following tariffs are via RingGo only

1 week - £40
1 month - £100
3 months - £150
6 months - £225
Annual - £350 (£450 for transferrable permit)

Skiddaw Street Car Park 

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Payment for the following tariffs are via RingGo

3 hours - £2

3 days - £15
1 week - £25
1 month - £60
3 months - £150
6 months - £225
Annual - £350 (£450 for transferrable permit)

EV Charge Points - £2 for 3hrs

National Trust Car Parks

In the Borrowdale Valley and in Buttermere there are a number of National Trust car parks - click here for more information

Cumberland Council Car Parks

All Cumberland car parks operate a Pay and Display system. Car park regulations require you to park totally within marked bays. If you are a large vehicle or a motor home and you cover more than one space you must pay for the number of spaces you cover. Failure to do so will incur a penalty charge. Failure to display a ticket or an expired ticket will also incur a penalty charge. Please see town map for locations of car parks.

  • Otley Road Long Stay Car Park CA12 4LE  (what3words /// - capacity 87
  • Bell Close Short Stay Car Park CA12 5JY (what3words ///startles.chose.branching) - maximum stay 2 hours, capacity 121, disabled spaces 8, motorcycles free in designated bays
  • Central Long Stay Car Park CA12 5DP (what3words ///strutting.woes.walked) - capacity 334, disabled spaces 5, motorcycles free in designated bays
  • Lakeside Long Stay Car Park CA12 5DJ (what3words ///lakes.nurtures.chins) - capacity 253, disabled spaces 6, coach bays 4

Click here for a map of Cumberland car parks including details of disabled parking.

Cumberland Parking Charges

Long Stay - 7am to 7pm on all days - up to 2 hours Full price £3.70 With permit 0.00; up to 3 hours Full price £6.30 With permit 0.00; up to 6 hours Full price £8.70 With permit 0.00; up to 12 hours Full price £11.10 With permit 0.00, 24 hours - 1 day charge £12.20

Overnight charge (7pm to 7am the following day) Full price £1.10 With permit 0.00

Short Stay - 7am to 7pm on all days - up to 0.5 hour £0.70 ; up to 1 hour £1.90 ; up to 2 hours £3.70 ; up to 3 hours £6.30 

Overnight charge (7pm to 7am the following day) £1.10 

Toilets - The toilets are run by Danfo. Their contact email is: [email protected] or telephone 01253 207408.

Car Parking Permits for Long Stay Central, Lakeside & Otley Road Car Parks Keswick

Click here for details of Cumberland monthly, quarterly and annual car park permits. You can apply in advance for a digital parking permit. Once you have paid for a digital permit you can park for as long as you like without moving the vehicle up to and including the expiry date.

To contact Cumberland Council tel 0300 373 3730.

Pay by Mobile in Cumberland Car Parks

 Download the Mi Permit app. The numbers to use on the app at the Keswick car park sites are as follows:

  • Otley Road 712220
  • Bell Close 712221
  • Central 712222
  • Lakeside car parking 712223
  • Lakeside coach park 712224

You can pay using this cashless system for extended periods in the long-stay council operated car parks from an hour up to a week using a mobile phone.

If you are out and about the system also allows you to ‘top-up’ your parking fee.

Parking for Blue Badge holders in Cumberland Car Parks

Blue badge holders can park for 3 hours free on long stay car parks providing you display a valid blue badge and time of arrival clearly in the front windscreen.

If you want to park for longer you can either return to the car park and purchase a ticket to cover your stay or use Mi Permit (download the app from your app store) to purchase a pay and stay to start once your three hours has ended.

If you are using short stay car parks you may only park for the maximum time allowed, again you must display a valid badge and their time of arrival. Check the maximum time at the specific car park as this may be different for each one. There are boards in each car park outlining this clearly.  You can find more information about the Blue Badge scheme in England here.

Coach Parks

On Street Disc Parking

Disc Zones offer free, time-limited parking on-street. Discs are available in local shops and from on street locations such as Station Street and Station Road. Display the disc showing the correct time of arrival on the dashboard of the vehicle so that arrival time can be seen from the outside of the vehicle.

If you do not have a disc when you park note your time of arrival on a piece of paper and display this in a prominent position on the dashboard so that it may be read from the outside of the vehicle. You may not alter a disc to obtain extra parking time, and once you leave a parking area, you must not return to the same street within the time specified on the sign.

Electric Vehicle Charging Points

Charging points are available in Booths car park, Central car park and Skiddaw Street car park in Keswick.

Skiddaw Street Car Park EV Charging - £2 for 3hrs.

Central car park keswick
Central Car Park
Theatre by the Lake car park
Lakeside Car Park
Otley Road car park
Otley Road Car Park
Rawnsley Centre
Rawnsley Centre Car Park

Booths - Keswick

Customers who shop at Booths Keswick are entitled to one hour of free parking. The first hour is free, with no ticket or purchase required. There is an option to purchase a second hour of parking on site via a card payment terminal or via the Evology app

Those visiting the store cafe are entitled to an additional hour of free parking. They can either request a barcode to scan at the external payment terminal on exit or enter your vehicle reg details at the till point on the tablet provided for cafe customers only.

The car park is free of charge from 7pm to midnight to support local businesses.

Number plate recognition cameras are in place.

Co-op Keswick 

Number plate recognition cameras are in place.

Parking is Free for 1 hour for Customers only

electric charging bays booths car park.jpg
Booths car park charging points
Electric charging bays Keswick
Central car park charging points