Herdwick Sheep and Lambs

Did you know our local sheep are called herdwicks?

Herdwick sheep are native to the Lake District fells and survive alone on the mountains all winter. They never stray from their 'heaf' - the area they were suckled as lambs.

You can recognise a Herdwick easily as they all have a white face and white legs and their coat changed colour from black as a baby lamb to blue-grey as they get older. The rams are easy to spot too - they have horns.

Herdwick wool is widely used in carpet making and also for knitwear. The fleece is also blended with Swaledale to make loft insulation.

Shepherds are said to count sheep by going up to fifteen or twenty and then moving a small stone from one pocket to the other before beginning again, therefore keeping score.

Try Counting Sheep in Cumbrian

1 Yan      2 Tyan       3 Tethera       4 Methera        5 Pimp

6 Sethera     7 Lethera      8 Hovera      9 Dovera       10 Dick

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