Join Keswick Tourism Association

Why Join Keswick Tourism Association 

As a member of the Keswick Tourism Association (KTA) you are part of a community of over 250 local businesses.

The Keswick Tourism Association

  • helps grow your business.
  • promotes Keswick and the surrounding area (especially out of peak season).
  • helps deliver brilliant visitor experiences.
  • promotes sustainable tourism.

Our dedicated staff, members and partners work together to share expertise, knowledge, ideas and support - helping your business grow and succeed.

You can learn more about the KTA staff and Board of Directors on our Meet The Team page.

Meet The Team

How To Join

To join, mail [email protected] and we will talk you through the simple process or complete one of the application forms below.

Keswick Tourism Association will:

Grow Your Business*

  • 1,000 – 5,000 page views a year(1) on your listing on our website (unlimited text, 20 photos and video(2)).
  • Free re-posting of your social content to our 26,000 Facebook followers (and our Twitter and Instagram channels)
  • Free events listings on our website.
  • An entry in our printed Keswick Guide distributed to 20,000 business, homes and shows UK wide.
  • A commission-free online booking system (InnStyle) for accommodation providers.
  • Face to face business, legislative and marketing advice through the KTA office (71% of members found this ‘extremely’ or ‘very’ useful.)
  • Familiarisation and networking events to meet other businesses throughout the year.
  • Weekly email updates covering local and national news relevant to running your business (87% of members found this ‘extremely’ or ‘very’ useful.)
  • Opportunities to further promote your business on our website (3 million views a year), our social media channels (eg 24,000 Facebook followers), our printed guides (20,000 copies) and our monthly newsletter (25,000 readers).
  • On-line information and resources (67% of members found this ‘extremely’ or ‘very’ useful.)
  • Access to a library of 1,700 rights-free photos.
  • Discounts and offers from local suppliers.

Note     *   -  benefits vary depending on membership type (basic or premium)
            (1) – depends on business type. Ask us for an estimate for your business.
            (2) - Premium membership

Promote Keswick and the surrounding valleys and villages:

  • Running the VisitKeswick website with over half a million visitors and nearly three million page views a year.
  • Running campaigns on all social media channels; with over 26,000 followers on Facebook, (add other channels).
  • Engaging with 26,000 readers via our monthly e-newsletter.
  • Distributing 20,000 copies of our 52 page A4 Keswick Guide to homes, business and shows all over the UK.
  • Distributing 135,000 copies of our 12 page DL Visit Keswick leaflet.
  • Promoting Keswick in both national and local media.

Help deliver brilliant visitor experiences by:

  • Providing ideas and advice on a wide range of things to do via our website (our walking guides are seen a quarter of a million times a year on the website), social channels, printed guides and newsletter.
  • Promoting a wide range of events (eg Keswick Mountain Festival, Words by the Water, Film Festival, LakesMan Tri event, Keswick Show and more).

Promote sustainable tourism by:

  • Promoting travel in the area by bus, bike and boat.
  • Promoting suppliers of local produce.
  • Promoting responsible behaviour on the fells and the water.

We asked our members what was the best thing about being part of the KTA?

"Being on the number one site when searching things to do in Keswick."

"That the organisation makes representations on behalf of Keswick businesses when needed."

"Being part of that community. Knowing support is there and having a point of contact."

"Great to know that someone is there to help with a variety of things."

"Great to keep in touch with other businesses in Keswick and know what's going on, what others are doing etc. It brings awareness of some issues that we would otherwise have been in the dark about. It also allows us to bring up matters that sometimes concern others and find solutions."

"The KTA is an excellent source of local information and analysis of nationally produced information. Being part of a community is always better than going it alone!"

"Being kept up to date on the wide range of current issues relevant to local tourism industry. The business support offered by KTA is fantastic."

"Being part of a supportive network where we're all working towards the same goal, and having fantastic reach through the website and the social media pages to an audience of

people who love Keswick."

"Knowing there is support available. The town has many individual businesses that work alone, so it is always good to know that there is a someone providing a connection. If there is a question or problem, KTA can either offer the relevant advice or contact others to obtain it."

"Being part of a group that actively promotes its members, Keswick and the local area nationally and internationally."

"KTA offers a voice for members - much better chance of creating an influence than individual members."

"KTA keeps Keswick on the visitor map. Potential guests continually need to be made aware it exists. National and regional advertising, social media, mainstream media contacts and significant publicity surrounding events and festivals means the town 'punches well above its weight'."