Theatre By The Lake And H&H Reeds Join Woodland Trust Scheme To Guarantee Sustainable Paper Use

Theatre by the Lake is working with Cumbria-based printing company H&H Reeds to minimise the environmental impact of its paper use. Brochure, leaflet and posters are now offset by a Woodland Trust initiative to ensure new native trees are planted.

Theatre by the Lake has joined with its long-standing printing supplier H&H Reeds to minimise the environmental impact of producing its brochures, leaflets and other printed materials.

H&H Reeds has joined a Woodland Trust scheme ensuring that all of its paper stocks where possible– including that used by Theatre by the Lake - are from sustainable woodlands. In addition, the Woodland Trust will plant new native trees into woodland in the UK, removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and contributing to cleaner air.

According to the Woodland Trust’s figures, the leaflets for Theatre by the Lake’s upcoming production of Around the World in 80 Days will lead to the planting of 31 square metres of new native woodland, removing 2,153kg of carbon dioxide from the air.

The move is part of a wider scheme by the Theatre to reduce its environmental impact. Paper tickets have already been phased out in favour of digital, and any waste printed and paper materials will now be returned to H&H Reeds to be responsibly recycled.

David Jane from Theatre by the Lake explains, “Theatre by the Lake takes our environmental responsibilities extremely seriously, and we are examining all the ways we can reduce our waste and lessen our impact. We are very pleased to be working with our Cumbrian-based printing supplier H&H Reeds to review our approach to brochures and leaflets to ensure, wherever possible, we only ever use sustainable paper stocks and contribute to the replanting of native woodland.”

Theatre by the Lake has a long-standing relationship with Cumbria printer H&H Reeds, who provide the company’s brochures, leaflets, posters and signage.

Gareth Rylands from H&H Reeds comments, “We are proud to have a longstanding relationship with Theatre by the Lake, and being able to offer sustainable and responsible solutions for their print and signage requirements is what we are all about as a business. We will continue to support the theatre as they review their environmental impact and assess their future needs.