Lakes Poet Wordsworth And Sister Dorothy Back In Grasmere

Grasmere welcomed back its most famous residents this month when William and Dorothy Wordsworth paid a visit.

The Lakes poet and his sister travelled in a lot more comfort and speed than they would have experienced in the 19th century.

The pair took the 555 Stagecoach bus from Keswick to Grasmere where they lived when Wordsworth wrote many of his greatest poems.

They read out selected works on the journey to Dove Cottage where visitors can currently enjoy the new Dorothy Wordsworth exhibition.

Dorothy: Writer, Sister, Friend is her story, told in her own words from original manuscripts in celebration of her 250th birthday.

Passengers using the 555 service can get 20 per cent off the cost of entry into the museum with their bus ticket.

Rob Jones, managing director of Stagecoach Cumbria & North Lancashire, said: “We were delighted to welcome William and Dorothy (or at least the actors playing them in the 21st century) aboard our 555 service between Keswick and Grasmere.

“It helps to highlight the bus stop outside Dove Cottage and encourage more car-free travelling throughout the Lake District.

“We’re especially pleased that in partnership with Dove Cottage our passengers can get 20 per cent off the cost of a ticket when they visit the museum which also remains open during the winter.”

The bus stop at Dove Cottage saves travellers from having to go into Grasmere village and helps encourage car-free travel in the Lakes.

That’s something which the museum is also promoting, as one of the few Lake District attractions which stays open during the winter.

Michael McGregor, director of Wordsworth Grasmere said: “We’re delighted to be working with Stagecoach to encourage people to visit Wordsworth Grasmere, Cumbria’s new ‘must see’ cultural destination.

“We offer a more exciting and enjoyable experience thanks to the changes that we’ve made. There’s something for everyone, and through our partnership with Stagecoach we’re making sure everyone has the opportunity to visit – and can do so sustainably.

“Wordsworth’s poetry emphasises the importance of a balanced relationship with nature, giving as well as receiving. The more people visit Wordsworth Grasmere by public transport, by bike or on foot, the better it will be for the environment.”

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