Lake District spa manager instigates launch of new treatments for cancer patients in light of own cancer battle.

29-year-old Cara Thompson who manages The Falls Spa in the Borrowdale Valley has been instrumental in the introduction of new spa treatments suitable for anyone currently undergoing cancer treatment after opening up about her own personal experience living with a malignant pseudopapillary tumor of the pancreas.

After doctors located an unusual tumour in her midriff that is connected to all her other internal organs at age 23, Cara has undergone surgery to remove half of her stomach and move her bladder. Surgeons have advised that treatment to remove the tumour is virtually impossible without multiple organ transplants, so treatment has focused primarily on alleviating symptoms of discomfort.

“As my tumour was growing, it started to push into my spinal cord which caused agonizing back pain. After having an endoscopy and being referred to a specialist, I received my diagnosis. I spoke to surgeons all over the world and none of them had ever seen a tumour like it.”

In response to Cara’s encouragement, the award-winning Falls Spa which is part of the Lodore Falls Hotel has now introduced a selection of high-quality products from Scottish skincare brand ‘ishga’. The 100% organic brand boast their own range of cancer-approved touch therapies that get the spa manager’s seal of approval and are now available to book at The Falls Spa.

ishga derives its products from the Hebridean Islands off the north west coast of Scotland and their products are approved for use on cancer patients due to their naturally detoxifying and anti-inflammatory benefits.

In light of her own past experience of living with cancer on both a personal and professional level, Cara felt passionate about being able to offer a range of luxury spa treatments to those receiving cancer treatment so they get to have the same relaxing experience as everyone else during their time at The Falls Spa.

“After receiving my diagnosis, when I visited spas I would sometimes feel singled out because I didn’t have access to the whole range of fantastic spa treatments that others did because the products weren’t considered suitable for use on someone with cancer.”

“In addition to this, certain spas I previously worked at did not use cancer-approved products which meant during training, the other therapists were unable to practice on me which made me feel less included during the process.”

“I felt very strongly about introducing these new cancer therapies to The Falls Spa because I want cancer patients to be treated equally and feel like they can enjoy the same spa experiences that everyone else can despite their diagnosis.”

Spa visitors can enjoy either a bespoke 50- or 80-minute treatment suited to their current symptoms, or guests can combine two existing cancer treatments including a mini facial, back massage, reflexology plus more.

Full training on how to appropriately perform these therapies has been provided to all therapists at The Falls Spa by a professional ishga trainer, so each therapist knows exactly how to massage clients in a way that does not aggravate existing cancers or any associated symptoms.

A range of new non-cancer-focused therapies are also available using the 100% organic ishga product range.

Spa days are available to book by calling the spa on 017687 87704 or can be booked online by visiting