Kong Bob Graham Relay Challenge 2021

On Saturday 10th April 2021, a team of gorillas from Kong Adventure completed the Bob Graham Route as a relay challenge in pairs. The route is 66 miles long, covers 42 summits and involves 27,000 feet of ascent.

The team was made up with 10 runners plus a team of 3 on rope support at Broad Stand – all members work for Kong, either in the shop, at the climbing wall or in the manufacturing side building climbing walls.

They completed the challenge in 14 hours and 36 minutes and have currently raised over £1,000 to support the Calvert Trust Lakes centre.

The team consisted of a mix of runners, ranging from elite World class runners to some who have never raced on the fells before. 3 out of the 5 legs were run in perfect conditions, bright sunshine and a temperature of roughly 5 degrees. However, Leg 1 started at 5am with the temperature at that time being -5 degrees so a chilly start and Leg 4 encountered the worst of the weather as the runners braved snow storms whilst running over Steeple and Gray Knotts. The 3 strong rope team also rescued a pair of walkers on Broad Stand just after the pair of gorillas had run through so saved the Wasdale Mountain Rescue team a job!

To support their fundraising effort – please visit uk.virginmoneygiving.com/KongBGRelay

Kong challenge any other company to choose a charity to support and try to beat their time – Good luck!