The Harcourt Players Perform To The Comedy Greats At The Keswick Alhambra Cinema

In a throwback to the early days of cinema, the Harcourt Players will be performing an original music score to four short comedy films from the 1920's silent movie era at the Keswick Alhambra on Thursday 2nd March at 5.45pm.

"We'll have to get the ice-cream trays out" says co-owner Carol Rennie, "I wonder if anyone has any of the old usher-type uniforms we could borrow to staff the event?"

The evening opens with the superb Buster Keaton performing his own stunts in "The Goat," with the Harcourts bringing hilarity to the fore with the use of whistles, banjo, guitar, and percussion. Next is Charlie Chaplin in "The Professor." Chaplin, the master of the silent movie era, is the owner of a flea circus. The "hard up" professor mixes with others on skid row, accompanied by soulful melodies on guitar and harmonica. The second half features real life mixed with animation: Koko the Clown takes you on a fun packed romp as he falls in love with a clockwork dancer - a wonderful 1920's cartoon. Finally, a lovestruck Buster Keaton ends our evening with "Neighbours" - his future inlaws don't care for him too much. That ain't gonna deter Buster! Wild capers are brought to life with wonderfully crafted music that chops and changes with the storyline. Will true love prevail?

The Harcourt Players are on a winter tour, involving dates in Bristol, Saltford, Malvern and Worcester before heading up north to Nuneaton, Keswick, Dumfries, Tarbert, Arrochar, Fort William and Hawick.

"It should be a great night for those who look back with nostalgia at the early days of cinema" says Alhambra co-owner Jonathan Moore "we still have the original black borders on our back cinema wall, hidden behind the newfangled screen, onto which we used to project - if people hang around afterwards we might be able to give a few of you a peek!"