Fit For A King: Forestry England’s Fun Family Activities For The Coronation

As the UK prepares for the coronation of a new king, excitement is in the air for Saturday, May 6 2023. People across the country are looking for ways to celebrate this historic occasion and what better way to do it than with some fun family activities at Whinlatter forest?

With plenty of royal connections, the nation’s forests are the perfect place to celebrate the King’s Coronation and Forestry England has put together some fun-filled activities with a royal twist to keep the whole family entertained.

So, pack up your picnic and enjoy a low-cost day in nature fit for a king!

  1. Make a forest ointment – During the Coronation, the Archbishop of Canterbury will anoint the King with holy oil while he sits in the Coronation chair. Make your own ointment by collecting flowers, leaves and natural items that you like the smell of from the forest floor.
  2. Forest sceptre – During the Coronation, King Charles III will be given the Sovereign’s Sceptre. It was first used at Charles II’s Coronation in 1661 and represents powers and governance. Find a good stick that is worthy of becoming your sceptre and find natural objects to decorate it.
  3. Coronation crown – King Charles III will wear two different crowns during the Coronation service. In your local forest or green space, search for natural materials that would be fit for a king’s crown.
  4. Party Bunting – Every party needs bunting! Find leaves, sticks and cones from the forest floor. Tie them together with string and decorate your lunch spot for a right royal picnic.
  5. Prepare a royal forest feast – Before heading to the forest, prepare a picnic that’s fit for a king! How about crown shaped sandwiches with royal fillings, or some scones with jam and butter. Wash it all down with some royal cloudy lemonade or apple juice.
  6. A royal portrait – Portraits have been used since the 16th century to show what a person looks like, as well as their mood and their personality. The forest is like a natural art gallery, full of views, shapes and patterns. It’s a great place to escape from everyday life and get creative with nature as your inspiration. Create your own portrait of King Charles III using forest materials.
  7. Trees have crowns – The crown is at the top of a tree and includes branches, the leaves and any flowers, fruits nuts and seeds. The crown plays an important role, with the leaves catching sunlight and absorbing carbon dioxide for photosynthesis. The shape of the crown is affected by the tree’s location, how close it is to other trees and the direction of the sun. How many tree crown shapes can you spot?
  8. If I were King or Queen for the day – You have made a Coronation crown and eaten a royal feast, now draw a picture of yourself being the king or queen for the day. Think about what changes you would make to help protect the environment? What do you think you would enjoy about being a King or Queen?

With themed trails, adventure play areas, natural play, safe off-road cycling and lots of space to create your own woodland palace, the Lake District’s forests are the perfect place for a family day out, fit for a king!

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Family playing games in the forest
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