Keswick to Threlkeld Railway Path

Latest Update from the Lake District National Park

Storm Desmond caused extensive damage to the Keswick to Threlkeld Railway path – repairing and recreating a high quality trail has given a number of complex challenges to address over the last three years, including the logistics of site access to carry out the construction work.

Due to site restrictions, access for vehicles and machinery is extremely limited and the contractor has had to design and construct temporary access and storage compounds at locations between Keswick and Threlkeld, including Keswick Station. Due to site restraints the actual railway track bed will be used by workers, plant and machinery to access and undertake work throughout the length of the route.

 The route is fully closed while on-site work activity increases, including the frequency and volume of machinery moving materials onto the site and particularly at Keswick Station. 

It is planned to close the route until works are complete in December 2020, however, the lake District National Park recognise the inconvenience caused by the closure and will continue to look for any opportunity to reopen sections, where it is safe, practical and efficient to do so. It is hoped to be able to re-open the section between Keswick Leisure Centre and Forge Lane once the bridge refurbishment and path maintenance is complete. 

Update: 4 October 2019

Big "bobbin" tunnel sees light after 40 years -The tunnel entrance on the west side of the big tunnel or Bobbin Tunnel was finally exposed last week. Now that we are aware of its exact position it will be temporarily backfilled to make sure it is kept safe whilst excavation work continues. 


  1. Big tunnel excavation: Sept 2019 – Nov 2020. All works to the tunnel including extension and stonework completed by April 2020. Expected to re-open August 2020.
  2. Low Pearson’s Bridge: Bridge totally destroyed during floods. Structural work to abutments and revetments Sept 2019 – Nov 2019. Completed by April 2020. Brundholme Bridge. Replace the bridge lost in floods. The bridge was badly damaged and the river span increased by approximately 20m. Structural work to abutments and revetments Sept 2019 – Nov 2019. Completed by April 2020.
  3. Brundholme Bottoms:Construction of a new section of path to replace 200m washed away during floods. Complete Sept 2020. Bank stabilisation and protection works.
  4. Rawsome’s Bridge: Bridge damaged and weakened during floods. Works to securing structure Sept – Nov 2019. Repair works complete Nov 2020.
  5. Threlkeld zig zag path: Construction of a graded path to increase accessibility for all users. Sept – Dec 2019.

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