Watendlath Valley

One of the scenic places of this area is the tiny hamlet of Watendlathwith a small seven acre tarn of the same name. The entire hamlet is owned by the National Trust and is managed by tenant farmers. There is a National Trust car park in Watendlath though it is accessed via a single track lane with passing places. The minor road comes to an end in Watendlath and beyond this a footpath leads up into the fells and over and down into Rosthwaite.

The narrow wall rimmed lane twists its way along a 'hidden' valley to the hamlet of Watendlath, the home of Judith Paris in the novels of Hugh Walpole. If arriving by car it is preferable to park in the car parks at Surprise View and enjoy the easy two and a half mile walk to Watendlath. There is a footpath along the other side of the river for the return journey if you have adequate footwear. 

Watendlath tarn