The Grate Escape!

The Cheese Deli on Packhorse Court urgently needs your help, as all the mischievous little mice have escaped and are hiding around Keswick. Before we contact the Keswick Mountain Rescue Team, can you help us to find them all and let us know where they’re hiding? This will be quite a challenge, as there are 22 of them to locate. We’ve made it a little easier for you to enjoy this free, fun activity with your family and friends, as we’ve put together, a map and clues that will show you where reports of possible sightings have been mentioned. Are you ready to embark on the Keswick Mouse Trail and help find all the cheeky little mice?

The Keswick Mouse Trail will take you on a scenic journey around the town, and the map can be collected for free, from outside the Cheese Deli on Packhorse Court, or downloaded from the website below. Be warned, some of the mice are very good at hiding. On completion of the Keswick Mouse Trail, pop back into the Deli to have your map stamped and maybe buy a special badge, to show everyone that you’ve helped to spot them all. A donation from every badge sold will be given to Keswick Mountain Rescue Team, to help our local superheroes keep us safe on the fells. Don’t miss out; tell all your friends about it. We’d love to see some pictures of you and your friends enjoying the Keswick Mouse Trail, on our Instagram or Facebook pages; the sillier the better!

Hayley Peacock, Keswick Cheese Deli Hayley Peacock, Keswick Cheese Deli