The Incredible Animals at Lake District Wildlife Park Need Your Support

Lake District Wildlife Park are raising urgent funds to protect the livelihood of their animals and continue crucial conservation work during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The animal welfare sector remains in a state of crisis as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and lack of available support. Without vital donations, many of these services and their stunning species will be permanently lost. To safeguard the future of their innocent mammals, birds and reptiles, the team at Lake District Wildlife Park are appealing for even the smallest contributions as part of an essential Crowdfunder campaign.

Lake District Wildlife Park, Keswick occupies 24 acres of spacious green parkland, home to over 100 beautiful animals that have touched the hearts of every one of their 50,000 average visitors per year.

Today, many of these gentle, sociable creatures are fighting for survival at the hands of the pandemic. With sudden park closures eliminating the funding for food, supplements and veterinary care, the park’s animals, resources and hardworking team have been placed under extreme duress.

Supporting A Dedicated Team In Their Fight For Conservation

Conservation is at the very core of Lake District Wildlife Park. With dedicated keepers unable to be furloughed due to the crucial nature of their work, all staff members have continued to devote their time and energy to the wellbeing and conservation of the animals. As part of a tireless commitment to protecting the future of their various species, Lake District Wildlife Park have long supported a number of conservation charities including SEED Madagascar, Biaza and International Vulture Programme. Each of these committed programmes carry out essential research and provide sustainable living environments to help animals and their future generations thrive.
Lake District Wildlife Park work in tandem with SEED Madagascar to help build a brighter future for the animal species that reside on the island. 8 out of 10 species are not found anywhere else in the world and yet so many suffer due to heavy deforestation, hunting and the pet trade. Lake District Wildlife Park are proud to donate 10% from every one of their lemur encounters sold to help make a positive difference to the lives of many animals including the ring-tailed, black and white ruffed and red-ruffed lemurs.

As vultures have been identified as one of the most threatened species in the world, Lake District Wildlife Park have made fundraising for International Vulture Programme and raising public awareness an absolute priority. The park’s adored Hooded Vulture Gonzo helps support the cause, flying in the birds of prey demonstrations to help raise awareness for vultures across the globe that face extinction.

Helping To Preserve The Lives Of Beautiful Animals That Face Endangerment

Lake District Wildlife Park houses a number of incredible animals from their Red Panda’s Mei Li and Charu to their Red Ruffed Lemurs Willow and Buffy and troop of Black and White Ruffed Lemurs who all face critical endangerment in the wild.

The park provides a haven for all of its animals with exceptional facilities tailored to their individual needs and expansive grounds situated in the beautiful Bassenthwaite, Keswick for them to comfortably roam and enjoy. Devoted to bringing happiness to the lives of each and every species on-site, the experienced keepers at Lake District Wildlife Park use their passion for animal welfare and expertise to provide the highest level of care. Sadly, without the necessary funding to cover the high costs of food and medical care for the animals, the park’s animal inhabitants will suffer greatly and rapid public support will be crucial to their survival.

A Wildlife Park Beloved By Its Community

As the only park of such an impeccable standard in the region, Lake District Wildlife Park is considered a treasured part of the community. This phenomenal park offers residents and visitors of the Lake District of all ages a world of excitement with one-of-a-kind wildlife experiences that won’t continue without the necessary funding.

From unique excursions such as Alpaca Walking with the breathtaking backdrop of the Lake District Mountains to the Meet the Meercats experience, the park enables guests to interact and connect with their amazing animals and create lifelong memories with every visit.

More than this however, Lake District Wildlife Park is proud to enrich the lives of the local community, delivering excellent educational workshops for schools. The park’s education programme has recently been updated for the 2020-21 academic year and places science and cross-curricular work at the forefront, aiming to facilitate all ages and abilities from nursery to KS4 students. Workshops will cover animal habitats, animal classification, environmental awareness and conservation if the park can withstand the unsteady lockdown period.

It is essential to keep extraordinary community-oriented businesses such as Lake District Wildlife Park up and running, for both the sake of their stunning animals and for the undisputed educational value and joy their work brings to the community. Today, the park is kindly asking all those that recognise the importance of the conservation work and outstanding animal care they deliver, to help in any way they can to preserve the lives of these extraordinary animals and the future of the park.

Park Manager at Lake District Wildlife Park, Richard Robinson said Now more than ever we need to support the welfare of our animals to prevent further devastation from the pandemic”. In light of the situation, he told us “The smallest donations add up to make a real difference for the park, so we’re kindly asking the public to help our where they can and help our beautiful species survive these worrying times”.