An Evening in Abraham's with Geoff Somers


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Join us for an Evening in Abraham's with Geoff Somers (MBE Polar Medal) as he talks about his book 'Antarctica - The Impossible Crossing'.

Tickets are £10 (with 50% going to Fix-the-Fells) and we will be serving tea, coffee and cake on the house.

Geoff Somers is one of the World’s most accomplished Polar travellers and has completed several “Firsts”, including the only traverse of the entire Antarctic Continent by its greatest axis – a seven month, near 4,000 mile (6,200 km) journey, using husky dogs to pull the sledges. For this expedition purely for training, his team completed, to that time the longest unsupported Arctic journey, 1,400 miles (2000 kms) traversing south to north of the Greenland Ice Cap. During both these adventures, each with an international team, he was responsible for the logistics and navigation and, driving the lead team of husky dogs.

On foot, on ski and by kite power he has travelled some 14,000 miles in the Arctic and Antarctic.

Later, he was a guide on the first commercial expedition to the North Magnetic Pole and guided the first self supported commercial expedition skiing 700 miles (1,120 kms) to the South Geographical Pole.

As well as completing SEVEN South Pole journeys he has undertaken numerous other daring ventures, SEVEN times leading groups to the North Pole, training others (including the successful all women team to the North and South Poles), and worked in Outward Bound Schools throughout the world. As deputy director, he helped set up the Outward Bound School in Sabah Malaysia and, amongst other rain forest journeys, crossed Borneo through un- travelled jungle.

In Australia, with three camels from the wild, he travelled on foot 1,400 miles (2,000 kms) from Perth across the deserts to Uluru (Ayers Rock), the “Red Centre” of the continent and more recently across the Simpson Desert.

As well as leading and undertaking “Adventure” polar journeys, he has guided scientific expeditions in Antarctica and on the Greenland Ice Cap and, sailed the North Atlantic in a 10m yacht.

In December and January of 2005/6 he guided four men on a re-enactment of the later stages of Robert Falcon Scott’s fateful journey, using similar equipment, navigation and food, to the South Geographic Pole.

Geoff has lectured to some five hundred groups around the world, from local venues, and schools to the Royal Geographical Society and, to universities and businesses. He has presented Inspirational, Motivational, Leadership, Risk Assessment and Team Work seminars to numerous companies and been guest lecturer on many tourist ships to Antarctica and the Arctic, including on a Russian Ice Breaker to the North Pole.

To meet Geoff Somers and hear about his adventures, join us and Geoff for an 'Evening in Abraham's' on Friday 23rd November - get your tickets on our website:

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23/11/2018 23/11/2018 6pm - 8.30pm