'Trees in the Landscape' in pastels ~ with Roy Simmons

'Trees in the Landscape' in pastels ~ with Roy Simmons


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CA11 0UT

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10.00am -4.00pm £78 Lunch included Material Charges approx. £5


Just 8 mins west of M6 J40, off the A66 towards Keswick.


'Trees in the Landscape' ~   in Oil pastels/ mixed media - with Roy Simmons

Is there anyone who does not like trees in landscape painting? In my own experience, people looking at my work often say ‘I love trees’. In short,  they are a universal treasure!

However, just as there is far more to the actual tree that meets the eye (the underground mycelium and invisiible communication with other trees, for example)  there's also so much more to painting them - and it's the light and light effects often make or break a picture. Also, for a painterly style, as we will use on this course, textures play a very important part in depiction.

 We will be using mainly oil pastel, and some other media. I find oil pastel to be a very forgiving medium, by that I mean it can be overpainted and re-worked with ease. I have developed techniques that are easy to use and will surprise you!

Trees add structure to any art work, for example look at the poplar tree series by the French impressionist, Claude Monet. Or, indeed the painting called ‘Entrance to the village of Voisins’ by Camille Pissarro. We can certainly do something similar.

 On this course I will begin by introducing the materials, (which are provided) then we will do a step by step exercise to learn the techniques. Following that we will paint a full ‘treescape’, again, step by step. Once these are completed you will be free to paint your own versions using the supplied reference photos, I will be on hand to help.

Event Details

Start Date End Date Times
04/07/2024 04/07/2024 10am-4pm