Gin & Vodka Tasting with Brindle Distillery

Gin & Vodka Tasting with Brindle Distillery


Organizer: Kindred Spirits

Name: Kindred Spirits


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4 Main Street
CA12 5JA

Price Notes

£35pp (Includes four drinks)



An extraordinary gin and vodka tasting evening is set at our Tasting Room, hosted by the brilliant minds at Brindle Distillery, creators of the renowned Cuckoo brand. Venture into the world of exquisite spirits with a Gin and Vodka Tasting that will transport your taste buds to the heart of Lancashire’s Holmes Farm.

Savour the essence of the Cuckoo’s nest in every sip as you sample a stunning selection of spirits, including the Sloedown Gin infused with Sloe berries, the zesty and celestial Supernova Gin, and the juniper rich Solace Gin. Delight in the complexity of the Cask Aged Spiced Gin and the timeless allure of the Cuckoo Signature Gin, a “proper” London Dry Gin.

But that's not all! Our evening also unveils a remarkable new vodka – Sea Salt and Vanilla Vodka . It’s a journey through Brindle Distillery’s distilling mastery that you won’t want to miss. Secure your spot for an evening of spirit exploration in the Cuckoo’s nest.

Event Details

Start Date End Date Times
16/12/2023 16/12/2023 19:00