Funky Felt Slippers with Debra Esterhuizen

Funky Felt Slippers with Debra Esterhuizen


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Price Notes

£75 inc. tasty lunch & home baking Material Charges: £15



Design and create your very own bespoke, warm and funky felt slippers from 100% merino wool, with Debra Esterhuizen.

Join Debra on this fun and soap-filled felting day that can't fail to leave you smiling. Make yourself a beautiful pair of bespoke, warm and seamless felt slippers, using the wet felting technique, moulded cleverly to your feet. Each slipper is unique and made to fit,  as plain or as fancy as you like.  Do feel free to bring any special small inclusions which it might be possible to use, very fine silk for example or anything else you treasure that could be incorporated into the felt fibres.  Due to social distancing we ask students to bring their own washing up bowls and be sure they are agile enough to spend a good time at the end of the day massaging their own bare slippered feet over the bowl - or resting your foot on your knee. For the comical effort of soapy rubbing and afternoon acrobatics,  your just reward will be not only a pair of lovely slippers,  but you'll also be heading home with feet scented and laundered as never before!

Event Details

Start Date End Date Times
29/11/2023 29/11/2023 9.30am-4.00pm