Artisan Bread and Scone Making with Gillian Harris

Artisan Bread and Scone Making with Gillian Harris


Organizer: Greystoke Craft Garden and Barns

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Price Notes

£85 inc lunch Material Charges £10



A busy hands on course learning the art of both Bread and Scone baking with Gillian Harris.

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Gillian will explain over first coffees the importance of the various ingredients, dried yeast vs fresh, liquids and proving times- and very soon you'll be making your first loaf of basic farmhouse bread, be it wholemeal or granary. You'll quickly move on to three more bread recipes of your choice, maybe breakfast rolls, focaccia. rustic soda breads, challah, parmesan buns garlic rings for example - remember to make room in your freezer for your return home. Whilst you are waiting for your bread to prove Gill will turn her expertise to Scone making where you will be able to have a go at making two batches, hopefully one using a sourdough recipe if you wish.

Event Details

Start Date End Date Times
25/01/2023 25/01/2023 9.30am – 2.30pm