Pewter Bangles, Brooches & more with Ella McIntosh

Pewter Bangles, Brooches & more with Ella McIntosh


Organizer: Greystoke Craft Garden and Barns

Name: Greystoke Craft Garden and Barns

Phone: 017684 83984

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CA11 0UT

Price Notes

£75 Lunch included Material Charges £20



A day of textures and patterns using traditional rolling mills on sheet pewter; create your own unique pewter Bangles, Brooches & more to your own unique designs, with Ella McIntosh.

Under Ella's expert guidance, design and create a beautifully textured bangle out of sheet pewter. During the first part of your day you will learn how to apply textures and patterns to the sheet metal using traditional machinery called 'rolling mills' , followed by using various techniques to create your jewellery.

You might wish to bring along some of your own patterns / textures to work with such as lace, stencils or foliage, particularly if they hold a special meaning to you.

This class covers a broad range of skills and is suitable for beginners as well as attendees with previous silver or jewellery making experience. There should also be time to make other items such as brooches, pendants or ear-rings on the day.

Event Details

Start Date End Date Times
01/10/2022 01/10/2022 Provisional