'Impressionist sketching - light effects in oil pastels' with Roy Simmons

'Impressionist sketching - light effects in oil pastels' with Roy Simmons


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£75 inc lovely lunch Material Charges: £5 everything is provided



Impressionist sketching; light effects in oil pastel with Roy Simmons ... Beginners and intermediates.

The French impressionists changed art, just about everyone agrees on that. What interests me is how they worked in colour to create those memorable paintings. In your resource pack will be a number of reproductions of impressionist paintings. We will discuss them, and find ways to use the effects and colour designs in our own work. A little Colour theory, a lot of fun! Our first oil pastel painting will be a copy of a Claude Monet painting, I will demonstrate and you will follow along, step by step. We will try to think like Monet! Then we will make paintings based on these techniques, bringing impressionist ideas into our work, initially ‘borrowing’ their light and colour effects. Then using our own design ideas, to make colourful and dramatic paintings.

We will start with a 'loosening up' sketch, this will introduce my way of working. On this course each student will produce at least two paintings (but that is not a rule)!
All materials and instruction provided, you will take home a mounted painting at the end of the day

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Start Date End Date Times
28/07/2022 28/07/2022 10.00am – 4.00pm