Painting on Silk with Margaret Wilmot


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9.30am to 4.00pm £78 inc. fresh coffee/ tasty lunch Material Charges: £12



'Painting on Silk' with Margaret Wilmot

Spend an exciting day with Margaret creating a design and painting this onto pure silk, using steam-fix dyes and hot wax. Silk is a protein, like all the animal-based yarns such as cashmere, angora, mohair and wool and Silk painting is hundreds of years old (like felt-making) and has been practised extensively in Europe as well as Asia.

The silk is pinned out evenly on a frame. The colours are diluted to give the desired shade and painted onto the silk with a brush. The dyes soak into and spread throughout the fabric so as to produce a design. Hot wax, applied with a brush, is painted on and used as a resist Once dry, the dye can then be painted within or around the shape. . Successive layers of wax and dye can be built up to give depth and contrast.

All stages will be demonstrated first by Margaret and Students will work at their own pace. We will begin by experimenting with the colours so as to become familiar with the `feel` of painting with a brush and how the dyes move through the silk. We will then move on to using the hot wax and building up patterns and designs. Students will create 4-5 pieces of finished silk. Margaret will take the finished pieces away to steam-fix the dyes. (The silk must be prepared and steamed for approximately 2 hours). She will then return them to you within about 10 days and they cane be framed or used in other textile art. 

Event Details

Start Date End Date Times
30/07/2023 30/07/2023 .