Sterling Silver Jewellery - 3 Silver Rings in a day - with Melinda Scarbrough

Sterling Silver Jewellery - 3 Silver Rings in a day - with Melinda Scarbrough


Organizer: Greystoke Craft Garden and Barns

Name: Greystoke Craft Garden and Barns

Phone: 017684 83984




CA11 0UT

Price Notes

£95 inc a tasty lunch Material Charges £15 payable on the day



10am – 4pm

Design & make 'three Silver rings' with Sterling Silver and Semi-Precious Stones with Melinda Scarborough

Your experienced professional tutor, Melinda, will guide you through the process of designing your rings and show you how to use the workshop toolswith systematic demonstrations. The new camera and screen system will be used these demos, whilst students remain safely at their desks. Once ready to start you will cut out your silver using a saw frame (each student has their own) and then shape the pieces to add texture and interest.

You will learn the basic techniques of soldering, surface textures and how to get a nice professional finish to ensure that your three rings will sit together well if required. This is quite an intensive day, but by the end of it you will be able to leave with a set of 3 different rings that you yourself have designed and made. The material cost is £15 and the tutor will have more materials to buy if necessary.

This course is suitable for both beginners and intermediate. Each student will sit at their own desk spaced well apart. 

Event Details

Start Date End Date Times
22/05/2022 22/05/2022 10am – 4.00pm
23/08/2022 23/08/2022 10am – 4.00pm
18/11/2022 18/11/2022 10am – 4.00pm
19/11/2022 19/11/2022 10am – 4.00pm