Beginners Cooking


Organizer: Keswick Cookery School

Name: Keswick Cookery School

Phone: 017687 80075




1 & 2 Sunset Hill
CA12 4RN

Price Notes

£120.00 per person



If you want to learn how to cook, this course is a great place to start. You will be in a class of like-minded people who, like you, want to learn the core skills in the kitchen so they can cook with confidence. Cooking is like any other life skill – it can be easily learned if taught well, and over this weekend our expert chef tutors will help you achieve more than you thought possible. Some people will have a natural talent for working with ingredients, cooking instinctively and boldly, whereas others will be methodical, following a recipe closely to achieve the desired result. Whatever kind of cook you are going to be, we are here to teach you the fundamental skills that will build your confidence in the kitchen and help you develop a lifelong enthusiasm for cooking. This course really does change people’s lives for the better opening up a new world of cookery and food for many students. Our Beginners course will take you from enthusiastic novice to a practical working level in two days. This course is almost entirely hands-on and is designed to teach you the essentials of cookery. Over the course of the weekend we’ll cover essentials like baking, basic sauces, cooking meat and fish correctly and how to make puddings. You will leave the course with a wealth of new skills and the confidence to continue your journey and enjoyment of cooking great food.

Event Details

Start Date End Date Times
28/10/2017 28/10/2017 9.30am
16/12/2017 16/12/2017 9.30am