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Organizer: George Fisher

Name: George Fisher

Phone: 017687 72178

Email: george@georgefisher.co.uk

Website: http://a2bsportstherapy.co.uk


2 Borrowdale Road
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With 10 years experience in health and fitness including personal training, group fitness and sports massage, Andrew has his own business both here in Keswick and Dalston and will be offering you the chance to book an appointment or have a free consult here in George Fishers, once a month.

The approach at A2B Sports & Movement Therapy is on treatment and prevention to ensure everyday living is enjoyed.
To book a 30-60 appointment between 9.30am and 12.30pm please call 07738 996 827 or email andrew@a2bsportstherapy.co.uk

OR call George Fisher on 017687 72178 to book your free 15 Minute consult from 1.30pm to 4.30pm.

Benefits Of Sports Therapy:
Reduce Stress
Improve Movement
Reduce Pain/Inflammation
Improve performance
Faster recovery from injury

Andrew offers a range of treatments for all types of injuries. He will assess you to determine the correct treatment for you whether it is sports massage, corrective exercise or a combination of both. Andrew's treatments include the following:

Postural Analysis / Movement Screening
As part of your initial consultation gathering information will be done through postural analysis and movement screening to ensure you receive the best form of treatment.

Sports Massage / Injury Assessment
Everyone deserves to enjoy the sports/activities they love. Acute (muscle strain, ligament sprain, muscle spasm or heavy force injury) or more chronic injuries (bursitis, inflamed tendons, headaches or nerve impingement) can stop us doing what we enjoy. During this treatment Andy provides testing on muscles, nerves and special tests to identify the root cause of your injury and provide the appropriate treatment plan which could include Deep Tissue Massage, METs, IASTM and Acupuncture.

Deep Tissue Massage
A more general treatment using soft tissue techniques to help improve the soft tissue function to help alleviate pain and improve function of your joints. Ideal for regular exercisers who like to work a more preventative method rather than reactive method to injuries. IASTM and METs can also be used during this treatment.

Corrective Exercise Programs
Post treatment is just a vital and by providing a corrective exercise program it will ensure you continue your treatment outside your sessions. Once we have the muscles aligned we can work on getting your muscles working together to improve your lifestyle.

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation (IASTM) works with your nervous system, using Rockblades, by stimulating different nerves than normal soft tissue massage to help reduce pain, inflammation and improve function.

Acupuncture For Sports Injuries
Coming from Eastern medicine and being more and more utilised in Western Medicine Acupuncture helps produce hormones that reduce the feeling of pain, swelling resulting in improved movement.

ANF Therapy
ANF is a disc based therapy which works with your bodies natural frequencies to help reduce pain and inflammation by normalising those frequencies. Works well with chronic (long term) and acute/injury pain. Once the discs are applied they will continue to work for up to 72 hours keeping the work of the treatment past the time you are in the session.

Spinal Mobilisation & Manipulation (Exc HVT)
Working with the Thoracic and Lumbar region using either mobilisation (movement) or a manipulation (short,sharp technique) can be used to help reduce pain and improve movement. Can add a great benefit along with soft tissue work to improve lower and mid back pain.

A2B Sports & Movement Therapy has clinics based in Keswick and Dalston, Cumbria and NOW once a month in George Fisher... 

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