Firing pottery In The Raku Style with Dave Norman

Firing pottery In The Raku Style with Dave Norman


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Price Notes

£85 Lunch included Material Charges : £25



Come and enjoy a day with Dave Norman experimenting in this ancient Japanese technique of glazing and firing pottery

Exciting and fast moving, using heat, sawdust, fire and smoky bins, this stunning firing technique is irresistible and very much in vogue.

Raku firing is unique and one of the most dramatic and exciting ways to fire pottery. It was developed in Japan in the 16th century for the Japanese tea ceremony. The pieces are glazed with copper based hand created glazes, dried and put directly into a hot kiln outside for half an hour at a temperature of approximately 1000°c. They are then put into a reduction chamber – a nest of sawdust covered with a metal cover- and this atmosphere and temperature changes (‘redox’) produces the wonderfully colourful, lustrous copper, blue and green finish aswell as the naked Raku white crackle glazes, associated with Raku Pottery.

A range of stunning designs can be made by altering certain variables (such as wax resist, glazes, temperature and timing) to give variations in colour, cracking and crazing.

Dave arrives with a huge selection of bisque fired pots in varying styles, that he has made and fired in the weeks prior to the course. It is this preparedness that enables us to run this usual two day course in just one day. For these pots there is a materials charge of £25 for the typical 6 pots students manage to fire on the day. If you decide to glaze more than 6 pots the materials charge will increase accordingly by £5 per pot. To avoid course overrun and to ensure that the various pots are spread fairly between everyone, Dave will distribute pots so each student has a similar selection of flared, semi flared & straight pots. The kiln firing time should also be shared equally between all the students to ensure those needing to leave by 4.30pm can do so, with their pots completed. Please let David know if you have to leave at 4.30 promptly. 

Event Details

Start Date End Date Times
22/06/2022 22/06/2022 Provisional date
26/06/2022 26/06/2022 Provisional date
30/06/2022 30/06/2022 Provisional date