Scafell Pike - the highest mountain in England


At 978m or 3208ft if you prefer, Scafell Pike is the highest mountain in England. Though the summit isn’t visible from Keswick one of the best routes up starts from Seathwaite Farm at the head of the Borrowdale Valley.

Although only about 9 miles don’t expect an easy days walk. The way is rocky and boulder-strewn and even experienced hikers often take 8hours for the round trip. This is a hike into wild country, unforgiving if the weather turns so consult the weather forecast before you set out. In poor weather it is easy to stray onto dangerous ground and you’ll need accurate use of map and compass. If in doubt why not join an organised group or hire a guide for the day. Your rewards for the climb on a clear day are fantastic with all of the Lake District peaks spread out before you. Perhaps you’ll be able to pick out a rock climber on the cliffs of Scafell – at 964m only 14m below you as you stand atop Scafell Pike; see Keswick and Skiddaw far away to the north; try and decide which peak is Helvellyn and which Fairfield. Closer there is Great Gable in one direction and Bowfell in the other. Far away there is Morecome Bay, Isle of Man and South West Scotland