Jonathan Otley - the father of Lakeland Geology

A lesser known but very interesting historical character who lived in Keswick was Jonathan Otley - the father of Lakeland geology.

If you take the little alleyway beside Cotswold's outdoor shop from the Market Square in Keswick you'll come across a flight of stone steps which led the way to his workshop and home. Keswick Civic Society had the steps repaired in 2011.

There's a plaque which reads: 'Here lived Jonathan Otley 1766 -1856 Geologist and Clockmaker. A humble student of nature and science who laboured for his fellows.' 

Aswell as a geologist and clockmaker he made maps and even invented a rain gauge. Although he sold many of his belongings towards the end of his life, some have survived and can be found in Keswick Museum. He is buried in Crosthwaite Churchyard.

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